Around Dr. Michael Reinprecht

Winning Team & Partner

Dr. Michael Reinprecht
CEO Winning Management Seminare GmbH
PhD in Sports Science and Winning Mastermind - Headcoach
Published author
Eva Baumann
Head of Administration & Operations
Trainer - Project Management "Winning Champion School"
Manager of Year
Mag. Helmut Pichler
Head of Outdoor Development and Fitness
Master's Degree in Sports Science and Coach
Licensed Mountain Guide
Günter Gorenzel
Speaker & cooperation partner
Sports Director TSV 1860 Munich

Günter Bresnik
Trainer Leadership Seminars
Acclaimed Tennis Coach
Former captain of the Austrian Daviscup-Team
Heinz Kinigadner
Speaker & Cooperation partner
Head of KTM Motorsports division
Founder "Wings for Life"
2-times Motocross World Champion
Klaus Kinigadner
Head of Kini Adventuretours
Internationally acclaimed motorsports pilot
Trainer and Instructor
Andreas Du-Rieux
Trainer for Communication and Presentation
TV-commentator for ZDF, 3SAT, ORF, TW1, ORF Sport Plus
Event Moderator
Paula Kühnel
Assistent of the management
Helly Frauwallner
Motorbike Tour Instructor worldwide
Multiple Austrian Champion in Motocross - Tour "Nordlicht" - Participated in Heroes Legend Tour Dakar (runner-up)
Harald Gruber
Trainer and Pilot
Licensed NLP Trainer
Active airline pilot

Gerhard Thorbauer
Nutritional Expert for Metabolic Typing
Licensed Massage Therapist

Gerhard Schönbacher
Promotion, Events
Acclaimed cyclist, participant of the Tour de France
Organizer of the "Crocodile Trophy Australia"
Dr. Christian Horwath
Attorney at Law
Motocross Rallye Pilot
Dr. Kurt Bäckenberger
Sport Medicine Specialist and Medical Practitioner
Ricardo Maurizio
Stressmanagement Trainer
Former Red Bull Formula 3000 racing pilot, Champion of Brazilian Stockcar, Spanish Formular 3000 Champion