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effective & sustainable

Experience orientated Management training

The winning method basically consists of experience orientated learning (principles of success), facilitates values ​​and winning qualities (Winning Mind Set®), that lead to success.

The memory effect of theoretical training is very low. That’s why we always combine theoretical training and workshops with practical experience orientated learnings. We put great emphasis on the transfer to business life. 

Our exercises are sometimes highly emotional – so called “Breakthrough exercises”, which positively change the participant sustainably and make it an unforgettable component of his life.

Sustainability we also reach by modular construction of our training program, high emotional stimuli, back-home programs (own app development), coaching and concrete action plans in companies.

“If you aim at all of your senses with well-prepared and carefully dosed stimuli, you can quickly create a transformation as a person and as a team!”

Dr. Michael Reinprecht

Trainings & coachings – highly effective

Improvement of 89% of all participants concerning fitness level and reduction of body fat percentage
Measurable increase in sales performance in 98% of participants after winning training
88% of participants are more resilient (improved resilience and stress resistance)
Selfconfidence & optimism at a new level before and after the training
Englische Grafik Verbesserung Fitnessstufe 93% of the participants have improved their fitness level

I’ve been leading many international teams as a manager for the past 20 years. Excellent results in a challenging environment could only be achieved with the best possible teamwork. It can often take years for the members of a team to grow together and work together as a entirety to achieve maximum performance. The teams which have been to Winning adjusted top performances much earlier and more intense. The energy, the fun and the deep friendships that have become established have made working in a team a pleasure and a lasting experience. Thank you Mike to you and your great colleagues!




Once HP Russia Managing Director Vice-President

If you have a talented team and motivation, mind set  and execution are important success factors in achieving your goals that you want to strengthen and develop, then winning training is a profitable investment. And if you seek for lasting positiv impact, then Winning training  will take your talents to the next level. If you’re looking for a combination of empowerment and dynamic team development, you’re in the right place at Winning.

Biotronik Regional Director ASEE
Biotronik Austria and South East Europe

I had a lot of personality trainings but the winning training “The Champions Approach to Success” was the best. It was already more than 20 years ago, but this was the training that characterised  and influenced me the most positively.

Once Manager at Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, SAP

It is inspiring to see my employees “shining” after a Winning training.  The trainings are crucial for the successful turnaround in a company! 


Hypobank Styria

In various functions I was allowed to be accompanied by Mike & his team. For a long time, we have been united by a personal friendship that works very well. Almost all coaches know and preach that anything is possible if the mindset is right. To create the knowledge and experience of their own strengths, nobody has ever achieved this in my environment so consequently,  authentically, calmly and sustainably for all participants (all!). Mike encourages and positively turns our heads. A new mindset nourishes the belief that everything is possible. Winning creates winners!


GF & Management-Functions (Fair Car Deal GmbH, willhaben internet service GmbH, car4you GmbH)

The Winning seminar series has proven to be one of the best investments for both employees and the entire company. An important “tool” in the context of organizational development and employee loyalty to the company.

Once People Development Manager Hewlett Packard Central & Eastern Europe

Mike and his team are pure motivation, and the exercises are a lot of fun too.  I highly recommend ‘Winning’ to everyone!

Manager Inventage AG - Zürich/CH

The best seminar in 27 years!

Once Technical Manager Fa. PORR / Crashed rock- and precast concrete factory Karl Schwarzl Betr.GmbH

The beginning of my management career more than 22 years ago was marked by many soft-skill trainings, as my former employer attached great importance to solid training combined with learning-by-doing. In this context, for me, the “physical and mental fitness” winning workout with Mike and his team was the most efficient and best workout I’ve ever attended. In retrospect, I would even say that this laid an essential foundation for my personality development in the following years. With these positive experiences, I also planned Winning training modules with my Slovak team to sharpen their team spirit and set it up for peak performance as some extraordinary challenges were pending. I was very impressed with how noticeable changes in group dynamics occurred with every single module and that the whole team took important steps towards the High Performance Team. Many thanks to Mike and the whole Winning Team !!

Formerly: CIO Západoslovenská energetika, a.s., Member of E.ON
Currently: VP – Technical Transformationen Management UK – E.ON

Mike Reinprecht is a welcome member of the Breitenfeld Edelstahl AG Family! We trust him. He brings inspiration and motivation to our team – in order to continue to master the international requirements and to survive on the large stainless steel market. He supports us in expanding and building the winning mentality. We feel the “winning spirit” from the apprentices to our managers.

Mag. Gilbert Krenn
Chairman of the Board of Breitenfeld Edelstahl AG