Team trainings for companies & teams in sport

The success of a team in Sports & Business

Our experience – your success
Better performance mind set – improved working atmosphere – higher productivity – less fluctuation

From the individual to the team!
Each individual is an important success factor in a team. But only when the team is cooperating with each other the team will succeed.

Successful in Sport & Business!
In sports and business we often went the way to a winning team with our clients. 2x Football Champions in the Bundesliga, 1x Cup Winner and a large number of “top-performing” teams in business prove the effectiveness of our training approach.

World of Change!
Everything changes constantly. Change needs the right mindset! Newly formed teams and challenging goals often require new paths and strategies. In the shortest time as possible, teams should be formed and be able to operate successfully and get the things done.

Winning Team!
We develop tailor-made trainings for you in relation to your goals and needs. We bring your team to a new level within two days in terms of the required qualities (e.g. trust, motivation, appreciation, communication, team spirit)

Twin track approach + Winning Mind Set®

Our USP - our unbeatable combination

Your processes in combination with our strategies and new mind set of your team unfold their full effect! An unbeatable combination! The process of developing a winning team has been proven to be faster and more efficient than traditional team trainings!

Twin track approach
With our “Twin Track” strategy we strengthen both – the individual and the entire team.

Winning Mind Set®
The basis of the team process is the Winning Mind Set® (success qualities) as well as your company values.

We make you successful twice!

I’ve been leading many international teams as a manager for the past 20 years. Excellent results in a challenging environment could only be achieved with the best possible teamwork. It can often take years for the members of a team to grow together and work together as a entirety to achieve maximum performance. The teams which have been to Winning adjusted top performances much earlier and more intense. The energy, the fun and the deep friendships that have become established have made working in a team a pleasure and a lasting experience. Thank you Mike to you and your great colleagues!


Once HP Russia Managing Director Vice-President

If you have a talented team and motivation, mind set  and execution are important success factors in achieving your goals that you want to strengthen and develop, then winning training is a profitable investment. And if you seek for lasting positiv impact, then Winning training  will take your talents to the next level. If you’re looking for a combination of empowerment and dynamic team development, you’re in the right place at Winning.

Biotronik Regional Director ASEE
Biotronik Austria and South East Europe